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Zenjidou Kikai Choukyou Program

IMDb 7.8

Status: Full

Quality: HD

Actors: Unknown

Time: 24 minutes

Year: 2019-12-08

Views: 2079

“Welcome to Aku Denki headquarters building. In accordance with our regulations, we will appoint you as an examiner of level D torture equipment.” Japan devastated by a global pandemic in 20XX. The city, once called Tokyo, had become a dystopia under the control of the giant company Aku Denki. Chloe is an anti-Asia organization agent that sneaks into the head office building to steal confidential information from Aku Denki. However, he gets stuck in Aku Denki's trap and becomes an experimental table for sexual torture equipment. Chloe erodes the spirit of machine training repeated every day.