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Kotowari Kimi no Kokoro no Koboreta Kakera

理-コトワリ- ~キミの心の零れた欠片~
IMDb 7.6

Status: Full

Quality: HD

Actors: Unknown

Time: 29 minutes

Year: 2019-12-08

Views: 2078

Mishiro Tsutsunami, the main character who has transferred to the town of history and tourism. When he was young, he was eaten half of his soul by the existence of “Aragami with Fang”, so he was a little bit special in the darkness of the human soul involved with him. It became constitution. One day, on the roof of the school building, Miyoshi and Kotowari Yamasuko are having a conversation. Early summer that seems to have lost something. There is a detective figure, Mina Tsuburaya, who resolves this incident. The generations that accompany everyone who begins listening. I search the school and the town, and ask Koki, Kiyomi, and Ayame. Along the way, everyone started to run out of control, and a horny trouble occurred in which the face of Miyo was buried in the skirt of Ayame's big tits, Kimoto and Kiyomi ... Minamoto Miyo, the air that wraps the two in between has a date-like atmosphere. However, in the middle of it, Miyo is entangled with a defect that favors Kaji. Everyone takes care of the injured bill. The two who have a good feeling are just as they are ... School, rooftop in class. Miyo will report in early summer that the promised “look” was not found. However, the two female teachers who suddenly appear receive sermons. Early summer when Miyo was pulled and started running suddenly. Behind the casual gymnasium, in early summer, erase the annoying Yamako Reiko. Then, as if she had released her feelings that had been sealed, she hugged her and entangled her tongue. Two people entangled violently in the physical education warehouse. Before a fierce battle with a monster called “Kotowari”. Miyoshi's heart is saved by the carefree smile that everyone shows in early summer.